Occupational Hygienist in Melbourne

Everyone deserves to go to and from work free of illness and with their health intact. For this reason, there are OHS guidelines in place that must be implemented in the workplace.

An AMCOSH occupational hygienist from Melbourne can help you to monitor the variables that can lead to potential workplace dangers, such as:

  • Chemicals
  • Dusts
  • Toxic fumes
  • Vibrations
  • Extreme temperatures

From our findings, we can then guide you towards rectifying or avoiding any situations or issues that could escalate into hazards. If you’d like experienced OHS consultants in Melbourne to oversee your occupational hygiene as well as matters such as drafting an OHS contractor management procedure, get in touch with AMCOSH today.

What Can Our OHS Consultants Do for You?

When you book the services of our OHS consultants in Melbourne, we’ll visit your workplace and conduct a preliminary evaluation of your worksite. This assessment will highlight any potential hazards and determine the severity and frequency of any potential health effects.

The key benefit of implementing an OHS contractor management procedure is that everyone can become more aware of potential hazards in the workplace and know how to take action when needed. We’ll help you build a safer workplace and improve staff morale, helping to reduce incidents of employee sickness and injury so you can enjoy an increase in productivity.

For expertise and knowledge from a local occupational hygienist in Melbourne, get in touch with AMCOSH.

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