Dangerous Goods Storage And Handling

Dangerous Goods Storage and Handling

The handling of dangerous goods of any kind in any workplace environment requires the utmost attention and care. If you use corrosive, flammable, toxic or explosive materials in your workplace, it’s required by law that the workplace has stringent dangerous goods storage and handling processes in place to minimise the potential for workplace injury or fatality.

AMCOSH Pty Ltd provides services in evaluating and assessing a workplace’s dangerous good storage and handling procedures, both in written form and as used in day-to-day operations. If you’re a manager who wants assurance that the business is upholding current best practice methods, or an employee who feels existing workplace OHS standards aren’t up to scratch when it comes to handling dangerous goods, arrange a comprehensive, independent assessment of your workplace practices with AMCOSH.

Does Your Workplace Need a Dangerous Goods Audit?

Right across Australia, you’ll be hard pressed to find any workplace in any industry that doesn’t have any hazardous substances on its premises. Even something as commonplace as washing detergent or floor cleaner can be harmful to a person if not used correctly or in the manner intended. A study from WorkSafe Victoria found that 25% of all employees across Victoria regularly use hazardous substances and dangerous goods in their line of work. If they’re not used according to OHS regulations, the consequences could be catastrophic for both the worker and the business. AMCOSH can provide a comprehensive dangerous goods audit of your business to ensure any potentially hazardous products are being used correctly in order to minimise risk.

What a Dangerous Goods Audit Involves

A dangerous goods audit enables you as business owner or manager to uphold your legal and moral obligations to your business and its employees. AMCOSH will visit your workplace at an agreed time and date to conduct a thorough audit of the hazardous substances and dangerous goods on site, identifying any potential risks to employee safety. Upon completion of the audit, we’ll provide the business with any necessary information or training resources on managing and minimising these risks.

Get Up-To-Date Training on Current Best Practice Methods

As well as evaluating and assessing the existing dangerous goods storage and handling practices of a business, AMCOSH Pty Ltd can provide training to managers and employees to ensure people across all levels of the company have at least an awareness of how to uphold the most up-to-date OHS guidelines when required. We are NATA accredited, so you can be confident in the quality of the training we provide to you and your staff.

Organise a Consultation with Us Today

Ensure your workplace is up to date on all dangerous goods storage and handling procedures so you can reduce the potential for hazardous incidents occurring to yourself, your colleagues and other visitors. Give AMCOSH Pty Ltd a call today on 1300 622 494 or contact us online.

As well as reviewing dangerous goods storage and handling processes to ensure they are OHS compliant, AMCOSH Pty Ltd also conducts asbestos auditing, indoor air quality testing, hazardous substance risk assessments, mould assessments, OHS risk management, OHS training, and workplace health and safety auditing.

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