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Noise and Vibration Testing Services in Melbourne

On any construction site or manufacturing plant, the vibrations and noise coming from heavy machinery and large vehicles can have detrimental effects if they exceed acceptable levels. Not only can they have negative effects on the structural integrity of buildings, but they can also cause stress on the bearings of machines and even affect employees, who can experience a drop in productivity and become vulnerable to hearing loss. Maintaining safe noise and vibration levels is the best way to prevent these hazards from occurring. If you’re concerned about the possibility of your workplace exceeding safe levels and you want to arrange comprehensive noise and vibration testing, call on AMCOSH for our specialist noise and vibration testing services in Melbourne.

The Professionals for Vibration Testing in Melbourne

AMCOSH has been providing stringent vibration testing Melbourne wide since 2003, with our highly trained and qualified noise and vibration consultants visiting workplaces in the public and private sectors to improve safety standards for everyone. When it comes to noise and vibration testing, we gauge, monitor and evaluate the levels of each according to strict Occupational Health and Safety standards and guidelines.

Among the various types of workplace environments we provide vibration testing services are:

  • Buildings (industrial, commercial, residential)
  • Chemical sites
  • Manufacturing sites
  • Mines
  • Power plants
  • And more

Protect your worksite and your employees by having noise and vibration testing conducted by AMCOSH in Melbourne. Call us today on 1300 622 494 to learn more or make a booking.

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