Noise Exposure Assessment

Workplace Noise Assessment

One of the most delicate of the human body’s five senses, and one of the easiest to become damaged in the workplace, is a person’s hearing. Workplace noise is one of the biggest contributors to occupational hearing loss, particularly if there aren’t effective measures in place to reduce exposure to it. Whether a person works with loud, heavy machinery in the mines or they spend their days on the road touring with loud rock bands, occupational hearing loss accounts for about 10% of hearing loss in Australian adults. If you’re concerned about the level of noise coming from your workplace and feel an independent workplace noise assessment could go a long way towards protecting the hearing of your employees, contact the noise assessment consultants at AMCOSH Pty Ltd to organise an independent evaluation.

The Dangers of Excessive Noise in the Workplace

Excessive noise can be found in any workplace, from loud music being played in a bar or youth fashion store through to heavy machinery being used in a construction environment or on an industrial worksite. Repeated exposure to excessive levels of noise can lead to employees suffering everything from hearing loss to tinnitus, which is why regulations are put in place to determine and enforce an acceptable level of noise in the workplace.

Expert Service from Trusted Noise Assessment Consultants

AMCOSH Pty Ltd will send one of our noise assessment consultants to your workplace to evaluate the major contributors to the noise level, which can include everything from machinery and music to background chatter between colleagues. Once we’ve completed our workplace noise assessment, we will provide you with a detailed report along with recommendations to help you bring workplace noise levels down to OHS-acceptable figures. Speak to one of our occupational noise consultants today about conducting an occupational noise assessment.

What Does an Occupational Noise Assessment Involve?

AMCOSH has been providing Melbourne workplaces in the public and private sectors with comprehensive occupational noise assessment evaluations since 2003, giving employers and employees the opportunity to co-exist in a working environment with minimal chance of harm to their health and wellbeing. The most commonplace and precise form of assessment is dosimetry, which is what our occupational noise consultants use to assess noise levels. This provides the most accurate reading and requires minimal paperwork from the employer.

Protecting Your Senses Just Makes Sense

If workplace noise levels seem too loud for the nature of your work and you believe it might be putting your hearing and that of others at risk, don’t put off organising a workplace noise assessment any longer. Arrange for an independent, comprehensive evaluation of your premises with AMCOSH Pty Ltd today – protecting your senses just makes sense!
As well as assessing workplace noise levels to ensure they meet OHS standards, AMCOSH Pty Ltd also conducts asbestos auditing, indoor air quality testing, hazardous substance risk assessments, mould assessments, OHS risk management, OHS training, reviews of processes around the storage and handling of dangerous goods, and workplace health and safety auditing.

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