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Mould Inspection and Mould Testing in Melbourne

The presence of mould in a workplace can generate a multitude of problems both for the premises and the employees who work there. Not only can mould spores in the air cause respiratory issues and trigger asthmatic reactions, but they can also cause eye and throat irritation, fatigue and more. For the premises, the presence of mould points to water damage which can severely compromise the structural integrity of the building. It can also cause an unpleasant odour and affect the quality of the air. If you’re concerned about mould affecting your premises, AMCOSH can provide mould inspection and mould testing for Melbourne homes and businesses. Contact us today to arrange for a mould specialist to visit your premises.

What Does a Comprehensive Mould Inspection Involve?

Once you’ve booked an appointment, an AMCOSH mould specialist will visit your property for a comprehensive mould inspection in Melbourne. This process will involve:

  • Sampling the air and surfaces
  • Determining the presence of hidden mould or moisture through testing
  • Documenting the level of identified mould or moisture
  • Providing qualified recommendations for remedying any existing moisture / mould problems
  • Protection against the re-emergence of mould
  • Post-remediation verification of the control and removal of mould

Ensure your home or place is business is mould-free with AMCOSH’s mould testing services in Melbourne. Call us today for a comprehensive mould inspection of your premises.

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