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Indoor Quality Air Testing in Melbourne

With the majority of Australians spending upwards of 90% of their time indoors, it is concerning that little attention is paid to indoor air quality when compared to the air quality of the outdoors. With much of that 90% of time indoors being spent at work, it makes sense that the working environment should be one where the air is clean and employees shouldn’t have to worry about airborne illnesses or other related health issues. If your workplace has experienced a lot of sickness in recent times and therefore experienced a drop in productivity, it might be time to call on AMCOSH for expert indoor air quality testing in Melbourne.

The Risk of Poor Air Quality

Poor ventilation leads to the growth and spread of mould, which breaks off into spores that become airborne and result in employees coming down with respiratory illnesses. Poor ventilation can also result in employees suffering from fatigue and discomfort, causing stress and distraction. All of these result in a downturn in productivity and therefore a downturn in profits. At AMCOSH Pty Ltd, we can help you stop the spread of illnesses before they even start by performing mould assessments and indoor air quality testing in your workplace.

Comprehensive Mould Assessments for a Healthier Workplace

AMCOSH Pty Ltd boasts the experience and the technology necessary to conduct thorough mould assessments and removals in your business premises. Mould can spread very easily if not seen to and eliminated quickly. If you’ve detected mould in your existing workplace, or if you’re looking for new premises and want mould assessments and indoor air quality testing completed by an independent service provider prior to settling on a property, AMCOSH can audit the premises and supply you with a comprehensive, detailed report on their findings.

How Indoor Quality Air Testing Can Benefit Your Business

A healthy workplace is a productive workplace, so when contagious airborne illnesses make their way through the office or worksite, the loss in productivity is palpable. AMCOSH will visit your workplace to test for key indicators of indoor air quality such as:

  • Carbon dioxide
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Air temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Airborne dust
  • Ventilation
  • Fibrous dust
  • And more

We’ll measure environmental factors and assess levels of contaminants in the air conditioning systems and drinking cooling tower systems. The key benefits for businesses that undergo indoor air quality testing will be the total control of indoor air quality issues, a reduction in the severity and frequency of employee illness and health issues, and a prevention of sick building syndrome.

Arrange an Independent Evaluation Today

Prevention is always better than cure, especially with OHS related matters, so prevent the spread of mould in your workplace by stopping it in its tracks. Get in touch with AMCOSH Pty Ltd to organise indoor air quality testing and mould assessments of your workplace today. Call us on 1300 622 494 or contact us online.

In addition to conducting mould assessments and indoor air quality testing, we also provide asbestos testing, hazardous substance risk assessments, OHS risk assessment, OHS training, reviews of dangerous goods storage and handling processes, workplace health and safety auditing, and workplace noise assessment.

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