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Excessive levels of vibration on construction and development sites, and the corresponding levels of noise that typically comes hand in hand with it, can have a lasting negative effect on the health and wellbeing of employees as well as nearby residents – particularly when it comes to problems like hearing loss, numbness and tingling sensations. In many cases, it is necessary to measure environmental noise and vibration – most commonly caused by industrial, transport and construction sources – before being able to acquire a permit or official approval to begin a construction or development project. However, it can be difficult to obtain precise measurements without a thorough vibration assessment conducted by experienced noise and vibration consultants such as the ones at AMCOSH.

What Can a Vibration Assessment Tell You?

AMCOSH provides comprehensive vibration analysis services in Melbourne that give you a clear idea on just what you’re working with so you can provide employees and nearby residents with the safest possible workplace. AMCOSH’s noise and vibration control consultants use state-of-the-art technology to identify the key causes of excessive noises or vibrations and offer practical strategies as to how to reduce the potential for hazard.

For more information on how we conduct a vibration assessment, or to book any of our vibration analysis services, speak to one of our noise and vibration control consultants today.

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