Occupational Hygiene Monitoring And Workplace OH&S Risk Assessment

Proper workplace risk asessment management and hazard control in the workplace are very important to the protection of workers’ health. If you’re not sure whether or not your business meets the current Occupational Health & Safety standards, or if you’re interested in taking an OH&S training course, get in touch with AMCOSH Pty Ltd. We offer advice, workplace risk assessment, tests, and solutions to clients throughout the Werribee area.

Advice And Solutions

AMCOSH has considerable expertise when it comes to interpreting and advising clients on Occupational Health & Safety legislation and work place oh&s risk assessment such as occupational hygiene monitoring. Our staff has many years of practical OH&S experience throughout a wide range of workplaces and processes. This means that we completely understand both the legislative and the practical aspects of OH&S in the workplace.

Monitoring, Assessment And Audits

At AMCOSH Pty Ltd, we have NATA accreditation for occupational hygiene monitoring and asbestos analysis. Our highly qualified occupational hygiene staff performs all workplace monitoring. The ability to accurately measure OH&S hazards such as asbestos, chemicals, and other toxic material means that we’re able to reliably determine whether your workplace is at any risk. We can monitor everything from chemical exposure and asbestos levels, to water hygiene and air quality. Our experience and analytical skills allow us to offer our clients a comprehensive occupational health assessment. Once the risks have been assessed by our team of experts, we can offer practical, cost-effective solutions to any problems you may be facing.

We also have many years of experience handling safe asbestos removal, and we run unique and informative health and safety training courses. Our opening hours are Monday to Friday 7:00am – 6:00pm, though we’re also open by appointment on weekends.

To Find Out More About How We Can Assist Your Company With Risk Management, Call Us On 1300 622 494.

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