Manual Handling Risk Assessments

Manual Handling Risk Assessment

Many jobs involve an element of manual handling to some extent, whether it’s heavy lifting or simply repetitive typing work such as data entry. Unfortunately, many people don’t execute these basic manual tasks correctly, leaving themselves susceptible to work-related injuries of the musculoskeletal variety. Seemingly simple lifting, pushing, pulling or bending tasks were responsible for 34% of work related injuries in 2014. However, with the aid of manual handling risk assessment services provided by AMCOSH, this figure can be reduced with the correction of manual handling hazards and the creation of a safer workplace for all. Book an appointment with us today.

What Does a Manual Handling Risk Assessment Involve?

When you call AMCOSH to visit your worksite and correct basic manual handling hazards, we’ll begin with a site visit and inspection. This inspection will enable us to view the workplace in action and identify and assess any manual handling risks. Following the inspection, we’ll write and send out a detailed report that highlights any risks and offers practical control measures. The report will also feature recommendations that aid with compliance to official legislation. After all this, we can also provide basic training in manual handling for employees and employers alike.

Essentially, we want you to reap the benefits of undergoing a comprehensive manual handling risk assessment, those being improved productivity, a happier and injury-free team of employees, fewer work related claims due to manual handling compliance, and the confidence that comes from knowing you’ve done what you can to reduce risks in the workplace. Give us a call today to organise your assessment.

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