Environmental Noise Assessments

Environmental Noise Measurement Services

Environmental noise is a factor of any outdoor worksite. Between the various noises generated by equipment and machinery, construction work and traffic, it’s unrealistic to expect a worksite that’s completely devoid of noise. But there is a difference between an acceptable level of environmental noise and a level that exceeds the boundaries of acceptable and impacts the local community, preventing people from getting their jobs done and potentially affecting their health and wellbeing. If you’re worried about the noise levels that can be found on your worksite and you want the advice of a noise suppression specialist, make an appointment with AMCOSH to conduct an environmental noise assessment.

How an AMCOSH Noise Suppression Specialist Can Help You

When you book an AMCOSH noise suppression specialist and take advantage of our noise measurement services, we can help you to better understand the impact noise levels can have on the local community. We offer three different types of environmental noise assessment: short term, whereby the noise suppression specialist is present; long term, where we implement continuous noise monitoring; and predictive, which uses cutting-edge IT based noise modelling. We’ll discuss your situation with you to determine which method of assessment best meets your needs.

For comprehensive noise measurement services in Melbourne, contact AMCOSH today.

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