Asbestos Air Monitoring in Melbourne

The process of asbestos removal needs to be conducted with the highest levels of care, as loose fibres can break away and become airborne, leading to significant health problems if those fibres are inhaled. It is for this reason that a comprehensive air quality test after asbestos removal is so important. Letting people re-enter their home or place of employment after asbestos removal without testing the air quality can be negligent at best and potentially fatal at worst. If you’re arranging for asbestos removal and also need asbestos air monitoring in Melbourne, contact the specialists at AMCOSH today.

Available Types of Air Quality Testing After Asbestos Removal

There are three types of air monitoring that need to be conducted, and these take place before, during and after asbestos removal:

  • Exposure monitoring: Tests levels of airborne asbestos fibres in workplace environments to gauge potential levels of exposure to employees.
  • Control monitoring: Tests the efficiency of the implemented measures of control while the process of asbestos eradication is under way.
  • Clearance monitoring: Tests the levels of airborne asbestos fibres after the removal process to ensure levels are safe and habitable.

AMCOSH uses the most cutting-edge asbestos air monitoring equipment in Melbourne to ensure the most accurate readings. Contact us today to book our services.

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