Asbestos Cladding Assessments

A study by the Metropolitan Fire Brigade of Victoria, conducted after the Grenfell Building fire in London 2017, found that many high rise buildings in Victoria feature non-compliant external cladding that could potentially be flammable. External cladding must meet minimum standards to be compliant, and the study revealed that there were more than 5000 buildings – including apartment blocks, hospitals, commercial buildings and hotels – with non-compliant cladding. If you’re concerned that the cladding on your property doesn’t adhere to minimum safety requirements and you’d like to organise asbestos cladding assessments, speak with the asbestos cladding consultants at AMCOSH today.

How Our Asbestos Cladding Consultants Can Help You

AMCOSH will send an experienced asbestos cladding consultant to assess and identify the cladding on your building. We’ll also complete a review of your external cladding documentation. The consultant will prepare a thorough report noting the presence and degree of flammable aluminium composite or asbestos panelling. As part of your assessment, we’ll supply you with a comprehensive collection of information to aid any future compliance or risk investigations, such as identifying asbestos internal walls. You’ll benefit from our services and expertise by having a safer building, enjoying the knowledge that you’ve reduced the risk of legal and health issues while ensuring safety for employees or residents.

To arrange comprehensive asbestos cladding assessments in Melbourne, get in touch with AMCOSH today.

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