Respirator Fit Testing

Respirator Fit Testing in Melbourne

All Australian asbestos removalists are required to undergo an asbestos respirator fit test to ensure their RPE is working correctly when it’s first placed on. Implementing facefit testing and choosing the right Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE)is crucial for the Health, Construction and Government sectors in order to control airborne contaminants and the risks associated with them. This includes training workers to correctly use, clean and maintain this equipment.

At AMCOSH, we can provide onsite respirator fit testing at Melbourne worksites. A respirator fit test assesses how effective your RPE is to ensure it is providing protection from dangerous airborne contaminants.

Face Respirator Fit Testing Services

Because every worker has different facial features, such as facial shape and size, it’s vital to ascertain if the RPE each worker is provided with correctly fits their face. To determine if a RPE will fit, AMCOSH will carry out our comprehensive face respirator fit testing services.A respirator fit test will reveal if any airborne contaminants could potentially seep into the respirator via any gaps in the seal located between the respirator face piece and the worker’s face.

There are two standard methods for determining this:

Qualitative Respirator Fit Test

With a qualitative respirator fit test, a solution is sprayed into the respirator the test subject is wearing. The test subject performs various tasks and afterwards is asked if they can taste or smell the solution. If they can, then the respirator isn’t giving the worker a sufficient amount of protection.

Quantitative Respirator Fit Test

With a quantitative respirator fit test, a solution is sprayed into the air and a device that measures the number of airborne particles seeping into the respirator is used. The number of particles counted determines how effective the respirator is in protecting the worker.

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