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OHS Management System in Melbourne

Everybody wants to work in an environment that’s safe and free of hazards that could lead to injury or health problems. However, Occupational Health and Safety doesn’t just happen by itself; guidelines need to be drawn up, standards defined and processes documented in order for an effective OHS policy to be implemented. If you need assistance drafting an OHS risk management plan for your workplace, book an appointment with AMCOSH – the OHS management system specialists in Melbourne.

How AMCOSH Can Help You With OHS Risk Management

AMCOSH has been helping Melbourne businesses in the public and private sectors with their OHS management system needs since 2003. When you call on us to apply our knowledge and expertise to your OHS risk management document, you can see improvements across the board with Occupational Health and Safety practices in the short term. The long term goal will be to have a workplace that’s fully compliant with state-wide OHS regulations.

The Benefits of Implementing an AMCOSH OHS Management System

We’ll work with you to produce an effective OHS risk management document that highlights key responsibilities, accountability and training requirements, and the necessary tools to put the document into practice. Your business will benefit by saving money otherwise spent on workplace injury costs as well as improving employee morale and being legally compliant, thereby avoiding potential penalties for non-compliance.

For more information on implementing a work-friendly OHS management system in Melbourne, call on the specialists at AMCOSH today.

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