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Occupational Health and Safety Compliance

It’s all well and good to implement an Occupational Health and Safety plan in your workplace, but how compliant are you with it? You might have followed the document to the letter when you first began, but have you or your employees started to take occasional shortcuts? Occupational health and safety compliance exists for a reason – not only does it protect employees, but it also protects the business, as if a business is seen to be non-compliant with OHS regulations, it can face costly penalties. If you think your workplace could do with an OHS compliance audit to ensure it is operating to documented regulations, make an appointment with AMCOSH – Melbourne’s leading OHS compliance specialists.

Keep On Track with Maintaining Full OHS Compliance

When the time comes to conduct an OHS compliance audit, it’s always beneficial to choose a completely independent body like AMCOSH to oversee your practices. Since 2003, we have been visiting workplaces across all industries in the public and private sectors to provide comprehensive Occupational Health and Safety compliance services. We’ll review your existing OHS management system documentation, focusing specifically on policies and procedures. We’ll observe the workplace in action and inspect any equipment or machinery. Upon completion of the audit, we’ll provide you with a detailed report as well as an OHS compliance certificate for those businesses that have been adhering to safe work practices and guidelines.

For more information on having a specialist come out to your Melbourne worksite for a thorough OHS compliance audit, get in touch with AMCOSH today.

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