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In any workplace, noise is an unavoidable factor. But whether it’s heavy machinery on a construction site, loud music being played in a club on a busy Saturday night, or even just the sound of constant traffic going past your workplace, there’s a difference between working in an environment that has an acceptable level of noise and one where noise levels surpass the limits of acceptable. If you’re an employee that falls into the latter category, you’ll know that excess noise levels can be an annoyance at best and hazardous at worst, with loss of hearing and tinnitus being potential side effects of working in such an environment. If you’re concerned that your workplace is operating above the acceptable levels of noise, get in touch with Melbourne’s premier noise control consultants at AMCOSH for a comprehensive noise assessment.

How AMCOSH Noise Control Consultants Can Assist You

The noise control consultants at AMCOSH have been providing detailed noise assessments for all sorts of businesses across the public and private sectors in Melbourne since 2003. When we visit your workplace for an assessment of your noise levels, we’ll use personalised sound exposure measurements and octave-band evaluation of sources of noise in the workplace to determine whether or not the level of hearing protection for workers is suitable. We can also create noise maps of your workplace that have been colour-coded for your convenience, as well as providing a comprehensive report that offers workable control measures.

Protect the health and wellbeing of your employees, as well as the business itself, by contacting Melbourne’s leading noise assessment consultants at AMCOSH today.

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