Hazardous Materials Consultant

Hazardous materials in the workplace can encompass a wide range of different things, from corrosive chemicals to flammable liquids, gases and even asbestos. Knowing how to use and handle these materials safely so as not to cause injury or health problems to yourself and others is paramount. In some situations, such as finding asbestos on site, the safest move might be to trust the handling of it to a trained and properly equipped specialist. If you’re concerned that the employees of your workplace might not have the necessary level of training to safely handle and use hazardous materials, it’s worth having an AMCOSH hazardous materials consultant visit your worksite to complete an audit of your handling and usage practices.

Unparalleled Expertise from a Trained Hazardous Materials Inspector

AMCOSH is a Melbourne based team of OHS professionals that can offer expert service and advice on the safe handling, usage and disposal of hazardous materials. We can have a qualified hazardous materials inspector visit your worksite to conduct a thorough audit of the materials you use or have stored on site. We’ll review current storage, handling and disposal practices and offer training where necessary to make improvements. The ultimate goal is to instil safe handling practices among all workers and reduce the potential for injury.

If you’d like a hazardous materials consultant to visit your workplace, call AMCOSH today.

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