Asbestos Clearance Inspection in Melbourne

The presence of asbestos in a commercial or residential building can certainly be cause for concern. However, the stringent processes involved in safely clearing asbestos from a commercial or residential property has removed much of the worry about asbestos. According to workplace health and safety regulations, any building that has been through an asbestos removal procedure must be issued with an asbestos clearance certificate. If you’re looking for an asbestos clearance inspection and want the expertise of a local Melbourne professional, contact the team at AMCOSH today.

How We Can Assist with an Asbestos Clearance Inspection

Incidentally, the asbestos clearance inspection must be performed by an independent third party; not by the asbestos remover themselves. AMCOSH is available to conduct any asbestos inspection Melbourne wide, with our licensed and qualified assessors following stringent health and safety laws as well as thorough practices to ensure your premises are free of harmful asbestos.

The issuing of an asbestos clearance certificate involves a visit and inspection of your site following the asbestos removal procedure. We’ll conduct air monitoring across all stages of the removal process if the materials being removed are friable, then provide you with the official interpretation of these results. We’ll also evaluate the work site to determine whether it’s safe for employees to return. If all criteria have been met sufficiently, we’ll then issue you with the asbestos clearance certificate.

When you need certification of an asbestos inspection in Melbourne, you need AMCOSH. Contact us today.

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