Asbestos Audits - Assessment and Exceptional risk management services Melbourne

Asbestos removal

    Hazardous materials/Asbestos

    • Asbestos/hazardous materials audits and risk assessments
    • Asbestos/hazardous materials identification
    • Airborne fibre monitoring
    • Development of Asbestos Risk Management Plans and remediation scope of works
    • Supervising the removal of asbestos containing materials
    • Providing clearance certification after asbestos removals
    • Division 6 asbestos audits
    • Division 5 asbestos audits

      Occupational Hygiene

      Qualitative risk assessment

      Expert Workplace  personal and area monitoring using direct reading and long-term monitoring for many contaminants such as:

      • Respirable and inhalable dusts
      • Crystalline Silica
      • Asbestos and Synthetic Mineral Fibres
      • VOC’s
      • Metals
      • Mould and bacteria
      • Conducting hazard awareness training

      Noise Assessment

      • Conducting comprehensive noise surveys of your workplace to identify high noise risk equipment and areas
      • Area and equipment sound level measurements
      • Personal noise dosimetry
      • Noise contour mapping
      • Development of Noise Management Plans
      • Conducting noise and hearing conservation training

        Workplace risk Assessment

        • Comprehensive risk assessment of workplace
        • OHS Management system development, assessment/audit and training (AS4801, NAT etc)
        • Hazardous substance and dangerous goods risk assessment
        • Confined space assessment
        • Ergonomics assessment

          Asbestos Testing

          Is a NATA accredited laboratory, with quick turnaround time and we will identify all types of asbestos.

          Legislation requires that all commercial buildings that are a place of work must identify, assess and control risks associated with asbestos. This requires an asbestos register which identifies the location and extent of asbestos with the premises.

          In providing nationwide analytical testing services to Australian private and government organisations.

          To find out more about how we can assist your company with risk management, call us on 1300 622 494.

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